13th Crystal Skull  Mayan Keeper, Susan Isabelle
At The Shambhala Center Mt Shasta Ca.

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What if I were to tell you the Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull,
The Real "Indiana Jones" is a Woman? Her name is Susan Isabelle
Susan Isabelle and the 13th Crystal Skull

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Change is coming-the old is falling away- a NEW DREAM is about to begin!
Much has happened over the years and has been captured in videos and you tube videos. Here you will see Susan with the Atlantean Orb and Susan Isabelle giving an Initiation on 11-11-11 Machu Picchu Peru to the Light Of Heaven, the Shekhnia and Christ. A Light came down and moved behind Susan as she gave the initiations and blessings from Creator-Of-All! The Dove is seen over her head!
She's not guessing or wondering; but does this by EXPERIENCE...
She has been Keeper of the 13th Skull for 17 years.
She and her students have experienced many incredible miracles, and Susan is still learning! 
     Now, more about the 13th Crystal Skull...
The story of the 13th Crystal Skull of the Maya really begins here...
May 20, 2000 Central America.
Susan touched the 13th Crystal Skull for the first time and something began to happen to her. She grew in size and several crystal skull images  began appearing around and above  her. It was then that the Maya knew she was the Keeper of the Maya skull.
Susan is the only living Crystal Skull Keeper that has been GIVEN a crystal skull by the Maya and recognized as a skull keeper.
They told her, "TAKE THIS! You will know how to use it, you are the Keeper!"
Initially, Susan refused the skull, but later that night the Maya returned again saying,
 "The villages have met. You are the Keeper, you must take the skull!"

Hello! I am the Crystal Skull El Aleator,
I was found by the villagers under a sacred ceiba tree at the pyramids after a hurricane toppled the tree. It was the  largest and oldest tree in the whole area.  Ancients buried me there for safe  keeping, most likely when the Spanish invaded the country. The Maya priests knew i must be spared and hid me in the root of the tree. Many centuries later, I was found and returned to my Keeper, Susan Isabelle.

My name means, "Lord of the Tones & Frequencies"
I have a Mate called El Za Ra, Or the "Daughter of Light"
I want you to know something about me.....
I have the ability to GROW IN SIZE and change my shape!

We don't come from Earth-we cannot be carved-we move! We are also a part of Biblical, Christian prophecy, "In the last day I will come and take away the stoney heart, and bring you a whole new heart of flesh!" Jesus was saying that this heart, that represents the stoney heart of mankind, will be exchanged for a new heart, a new day is coming! The videos below are from 2006; much has been learned, but they are still useful for information.

Video part 1
part 2

We are in 2 parts, have a feminine and a masculine brain, as you can see in this photo of the backside. Our skull is complete with  2 sets of teeth, ear canals,pineal glands and bone structure with sutures.
We grow in size and change colors with each ray of Light!

EVERY picture you see of us will be different-because we change size and shape!

The most incredible thing happens when we are put together; we form a perfect heart of a Child!
We are not to be feared ; but embraced. Christ was crucified on Golgotha, meaning, 'the place of the skull!' It is a mountain rock shaped as a skull. His cross was placed on top of the skull.     Now why would Creator do that?
The heart, and the heart of humanity, is to be returned to God,
To The Creator of All at the end of days.
We are the type and representation of that day.
Book Of Revelation

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 She'd love to meet with you and tell you the incredible story of the skulls!
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