13th Crystal Skull  Mayan Keeper, Susan Isabelle
At The Shambhala Center Mt Shasta Ca.

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The Global Project
Would YOU Like To Join Our Global Project?
Contact Susan at shambhalatemple@aol.com

Hubs, as we call them, interconnect across the globe. Crystal Skulls are placed in the center and at a designated time, we all simultaneously activate our grids. This is “When the Skulls Come Together” the prophecy of the Maya in action!

We have completely wrapped up the Earth in its ENERGY and POWER.

We are facing global assault from lower realms right now. The People Of Light must remain strong.

It only takes a few of us to see us through the times  that are coming, but the energy MUST be the very highest for us to transcend the bindings of the lower realms. We'll do it. I'll explain how you may work with us and the Creator Of All to stand strong!
Many of you have been seeking a way to help....this may be it! It is IT! For with the increasing energies and the Star Groups across the globe activating at the same time, we shall succeed.

We thank you all for assisting us! Sub Star groups are already forming across the globe!The 72 Names of the Creator are the Key Codes. By declaring the NAME Above All Names we attain the Thought of the Creator!

Hubs are in 33 countries now!

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